Dia De Los Muertos

I think I may have mentioned this before but I love Halloween. I don’t half ass my costumes. I won tickets to the Half Full Brewery Halloween Bash this year and it was the perfect opportunity to go all out for their costume contest and not look like a crazy person, well maybe we still looked pretty crazy… My friend Catina and I started getting ready around noon – yes this was an all day endeavor, including lots of previous shopping, sewing, and crafting sessions.  We had these neon blue and purple wigs and skeleton leggings left over from the 5k zombie run we did a few weeks back and decided they would be perfect for our day of the dead girl costumes.

  1. Flower crowns created out of various loose black roses and other flowers we found at Michaels. Complete with vail and beads.
  2. Wigs from Party City. They were originally long but we wanted them in up-do’s so I macgyvered them by sewing sections of hair up, making sure that the net underneath didn’t show.
  3. Outfits. Just used various combinations of clothing that we already owned. Mostly black and white.
  4. Bows. We found similar fabrics with polka dots in blue and purple to match our wigs. I sewed bands that went around our waists and put metal wire in the bows so they would hold their shape.
  5. Skull leggings we found at Party City.
  6. Lace gloves from Jo Ann Fabrics which we glued spiders on and cut the fingertips off.
  7. Face / body paint. We used a crazy combination of white cream make-up (costume makeup), white powder, shimmery white cream eye shadow, shimmery purple eye shadow (24 hour tattoo), blue power (war paint), eye liner, acrylic paint (non-toxic), lipstick, a whole slew of paint brushes and makeup brushes.

This is an awesome makeup tutorial that we found:


Overall we were extremely happy with how everything pulled together. We got a lot of compliments. I got asked if I dyed my hair blue, was it makeup or real tattoos.. just lots of funny things but overall great.

Still washing off the makeup.. if there is a next time I will have to invest in finishing spray.



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