Handmade Yoga Bag

Labyrinth garden

I started started doing yoga years ago with my mom after she discovered Kripalu Yoga classes at the Mercy Center in Madison by the sea. This was literally one of the most relaxing and beautiful places you can ever imagine to have yoga classes.

That aside I had never done any yoga before and had no idea what to expect. Kripalu yoga is a slow paced yoga that focuses on body, mind, and energy. It teaches you how to clear your mind, connect your breathing with postures, and you end class with meditation. “Kripalu Yoga is also a tool for self empowerment and personal growth. The practice teaches you to tap into your own inner-knowing rather than being dependent upon guidance from external authorities.” It took me a handful of classes to get used to the concept of yoga, meditation, & the hardest part is just emptying your mind! I stuck with it and it kept feeling better and better. Once I went to college and was away from home (& my yoga partner) took a hiatus from yoga. Upon graduation, I found myself being less active and sitting infront of a computer for 40+ hours a week, not to mention feeling super stressed with the transition, I wanted something more invigorating.

A coworker recommended Bikram Yoga and I jumped at the chance to try something new. Bikram is a series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises practiced in a heated room of 105 degrees F for 90 minutes. Ah Bikram.. my first class I thought I was going to die. After class I dragged myself home saying never. ever. again.. the next day I surprisingly felt great. Sore but great. I stuck with it and about a year and a half later here I am. Its gets better I promise! You learn the postures, how to connect your breathing, and focus your mind. I tried different studios and found a great teacher that pushed me and taught me how to properly do poses. I know it isn’t for everyone but I highly recommend trying it (despite some negative and controversial things that you may have heard – “torturous,” “a hoax,” “cultish”…) Just like anything else, do what feels right for you and your body. It takes hard work and commitment but it literally pushed a giant reset button on my life. Overall I feel healthier & happier. My mood has improved and helped me focus. Believer or not you cannot deny the physical and mental benefits you feel.

So after carrying around my yoga mat and all my stuff in an old bag, I figured it was about time I made myself a proper yoga bag. I drew out what I wanted with dimensions and figured out how much fabric I would need. I brought my mom with me to Jo Ann Fabrics, who has an excellent eye for fabric and is the sewing guru. She helped me pick out these two beautiful fabrics. One is an iridescent crinkly blue that reminds me of the sea and a sturdy tapestry-esque sea foam blue. I embroidered the symbol “Om” – It’s the sound of the universe” or “It represents the past, present and future.” It can be God, Jesus, Buddha, Mother Nature or anything else that represents the divine to you – along with flowers and a henna/mandala design. The embroidery took a while but I would do it while I watched TV or took it on long car trips. I surprised myself with how beautifully it came out. I have never been committed to anything exercise wise since I swam in high school so it is sort of an ode to my hard work and progress.


Depth: 7″
Width Across Front: 27″
Strap Length (adjustable): 37″


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