Floyd Fest T-Shirt Contest & Gogol Bordello

There is definitely a good reason and story behind why I want to win this T-shirt contest. Pete and I bought tickets to see Gogol Bordello at Riot Fest, made it all the way to Williamsburg Park Brooklyn New York only to have the show cancelled one band before they were able to come on stage because of a massive storm / hurricane. Let me rewind a little more actually, we discovered Gogol Bordello completely by accident when we watch Everything Is Illuminated, which is a fantastic movie I highly recommend it if you like Indie films, Eugene Hutz who is one of the main actors along side Elijah Wood is the lead singer of Gogol Bordello and Start Wearing Purple is the song that starts playing in the final credits of the movie. It just wasn’t meant to be when we tried to see him the first time so when Pete saw this contest on Creative Allies (to win two four day passes) and that Gogol Bordello was one of the headliners AND it is also the weekend of Pete’s birthday.. come on how much more of a sign can that be? (So fingers crossed everything works out!) Floyd Fest is a four day long festival in the middle of the woods in Virginia. My inspiration for this T-shirt design was to tie together all of the elements and activities of the festival into one harmonious radial mandala-esque design. I also wanted it to function on multiple levels, from far away it looks like a flower or sun but as you look more closely you can see how it tells a story. In the center there is a little tent, a mountain, sun in the sky, with all of the various activities in the middle all evolving around music.



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