Irish Soda Bread

Saint Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and like all holidays I get very excited. I was having a few friends over and decided to make my family’s top secret Irish Soda Bread recipe. Oh boy was it delicious.. So I might have exaggerated a little, the recipe isn’t top secret nor is it technically been passed down for generations but my “Uncle” Ralph (not related whatsoever just my Dads best friend from college) makes the best damn Irish Soda Bread around, trust me. Want to know the secret? It’s sour cream. Yep. Odd I know but it makes it super moist and delicious.

Uncle Ralph’s Irish Bread

3 cups flour

2/3 cup sugar

1t baking powder                                                             Bake 350* 50 min to 1 hr

1t baking soda

1t salt

1tbsp caraway seeds

I pkg. raisins

2 beaten eggs

2 cups sour cream

4 tbsp melted shortening (melted)

Sift dry ingredients together. Combine eggs, sour cream, and shortening then add

flour mixture until just moistened, add raisins and caraway seeds.

Turn batter into a greased round pan (or two bread pans) and sprinkle a little sugar over the top.

Notes: Pkg (box) of raisins not the snack size and I use the butter flavored shortening.





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