The Story of the Mustache Pillow

Mustaches seem to be all the rage recently, either way my best friend and I have an inside joke of dancing around saying “Oui Oui! Parlez-vous français?” in a terrible French accent, while cocking an eyebrow and twirling imaginary mustaches.. maybe because it is the only thing we can say in French.. no idea. So while I was browsing a fabric store with my Mom I found this fantastic fabric that literally looks like curly hair (creepy?) maybe BUT I instantly thought this would make the most amazing Mustache pillow! Resulting in the best Christmas gift of all time. I crafted up an oversized mustache pillow with my sewing machine and hand sewed on felt letters “Oui Oui,” with little hearts as dots over the “i”s. (I believe it ended up being 12″ long by 5” wide)



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